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The Ada Information Clearinghouse provides resources on the Ada programming language. These include:

All of our resources can be found via the navigation bar at the top of every page, or by browsing the site using the site map.


The Ada Information Clearinghouse is provided as a service of the Ada Resource Association and its sponsors. Interested in helping Ada grow? Consider joining the ARA.

Ada Learning Materials

The AdaIC site collects a wide variety of materials and information useful for learning Ada. Beyond the usual collection of printed books for every modern version of Ada, we also have a variety of electronic books, electronic tutorials, social media sites for answers to specific questions, Ada-related websites, information on professional Ada training, and even a list of schools that use Ada in their curriculum. Check it out in our Learn Ada section.

Organizations Focused on Ada

A variety of organizations focused on Ada are available. All have something to offer to the Ada user.

The two large regional organizations both sponsor conferences and have well-regarded newsletters. ACM SIGAda (Special Interest Group on Ada) in North America and Ada-Europe are definitely worth supporting.

There are also a variety of national and local organizations, see our Ada Associations page for more information.

We'd be remiss to forget the Ada Resource Association, the sponsor of this web site. The ARA undertakes projects to promote the growth and use of Ada. Find out more on our ARA community page.

Ada 2022 Material is here!

We’ve updated the site to include a variety of information and documents on the recently approved Ada 2022 Standard, the most recent update to the Ada language. Let us know if there is other Ada 2022 information that you would like to see here.

Making Comments on the Ada Language

Comments and suggestions for changes to the Ada language to be included in future Ada versions can now be directed to the website Forms on the site send comments to the Ada Rapporteur Group (ARG) of Working Group 9 (ISO WG9) of ISO/IEC JTC1 SC22 (the body that maintains the Ada Standard).

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Case Studies

Eurofighter Typhoon

BAE Systems are using Ada in the development of software for the Eurofighter's mission computers. Continue Reading

The Ada Information Clearinghouse, maintained by the Ada Resource Association, is your portal to news and resources for Ada and related technologies. Learn more about the ARA.