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Appendix Z Requirements

This appendix lists the various requirements and study topics discussed in the Requirements document [DoD 90] and generally indicates how they have been met (by refererence to other parts of this rationale) or else notes why they proved to be inappropriate.

Z.1 Analysis

The requirements are listed here in exactly the order of the requirements document; against each requirement is a list of the one or more Requirement Summary sections of this rationale containing an indication of how the requirement has been met.

Note that a detailed analysis of how the requirements themselves relate back to the original Revision Requests is contained in the Requirements Rationale [DoD 91].

Z.2 Conclusion

The above analysis shows that all the formal Requirements have been thoroughly met and it is only the Study Topics for parallel processing where compromises have been made.

We can therefore conclude that Ada 95 clearly meets the spirit of the Requirements as expressed in [DoD 90].

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Laurent Guerby